Action Plan for Holiday Parties

8 Dec

I love the holidays and all of the festivities! It is a wonderful time of the year to spend time with family and friends. Whether you are dancing, playing games, opening gifts, or sharing stories, it is truly a time to enjoy your company and be thankful for all we have.

It is also a time where people complain to me that they eat and drink too much. I don’t think that one night will kill you, but 3 or 4 evenings could pack a few inches to the waistline or add a little junk to the trunk.

Here’s the typical scenario, you went to a 6am spin class, worked really hard, ate pretty good all day, except the chocolate that someone brought in. You hadn’t eaten since lunchtime so by the time you got to the party, you were ravenous. You start trying everything, have a few cocktails, and by the end of the night, you are full. When you wake up the next morning, you are starving and you want something greasy and salty.

There are several issues with that scenario. First, that person spent so much time at the buffet that they never got to enjoy time socializing with their friends. Second, they just ate back all the calories they burned in spin class plus more. Remember 3500 calories equals 1 pound of fat. The food at holiday parties is often loaded with salt and fat so consuming 3500 calories of food and drinks is easier to do than you may think. Third, why did the person eat so much? The food at big holiday parties isn’t usually so amazing that you will never be able to eat it again. And lastly, this person ate so many mozarella sticks, that there wasn’t enough left for everyone else.

So instead of being the hog at the buffet who is going to be spending the next 6 months trying to lose the weight, follow these tips for a fun holiday celebration:

1. Eat a salad or something healthy before you leave the house. This will ensure that you are not starving and eat more than your body needs.

2. Be a snob and eat only the things you like. Why eat greasy and fattening food you don’t like?

3. If it’s greasy and fattening, eat in moderation. Just because you like mozarella sticks, does it mean that you really need 5?

4. Look at the whole picture. If there is healthy stuff like shrimp, chicken, or hummus, start with those and if you still want the less healthier options, have 1. I find that if I start with the healthy stuff, I am less likely to eat a bunch of junk.

5. Drink water before and after each alcoholic beverage. Sometimes people just drink because they are holding the glass in their hand, so instead of getting drunk, pace yourself.

6. Think about how the food makes you feel. Too much greasy stuff makes me feel heavy and tired. Too many sweets gives me a headache. Too much alcohol gives me a hangover that will take a week to recover from.

7. Don’t stand or sit where all the food is located. It is easy to eat several servings of a food that is right in front of you.

8. Think about how your decisions at the party impact your goals. If you don’t care about gaining a pound or two, then eat what you want, but if you want to be faster in a your running or fitter for your sister’s wedding, then the decisions you make at the holiday party do affect your goal.

9. So what if your friend is eating the cheesecake? Just because someone else eats something, doesn’t mean you have to.

10. Savor each bite and enjoy the rich taste. Before you have another piece, ask yourself if you are hungry?

Why undermine all the hard work you have done in the gym?

Happy Holidays! Have a lovely time with your family and friends!

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One Response to “Action Plan for Holiday Parties”

  1. strictlymotivated December 8, 2011 at 10:47 pm #

    Wow I really enjoyed reading your blog. I can appreciate your love for fitness and nutrition. You seem to be amazing at what you do and I am inspired that you are able to pass that information along to people. Any tips on how I can be a better trainer please let me know. I am no where near your experience but I would love to be. Your motivation is inspiring.


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