Top 10 for preventing injuries

7 Dec

I recently received an email from a woman who has been an avid runner most of her life and was told my her doctor that she cannot run anymore. Her email made me sad because I could feel her passion for running in her words. She was hoping to find another type of exercise that would provide many of the same benefits as running.

Unfortunately that woman’s email was not the first time someone had reported that they could no longer run. I have been told by many people that their knees, backs, or hips prevent them from running.

It can be extremely frusterating to have to stop something you love, so here is what I am recommending for a strong, lean, and defined body that will be less prone to injury.

1. Eat nutritious foods regularly so you’re body has enough fuel and can properly recover.
2. Take a multi-vitamin.
3. Hydrate with at least 8 ounces a day. On the road a lot? Carry a case of water in your car.
4. Cross train! Repeating the same movement day after day without variation will most likely lead to an injury. Incorporate workouts that include cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility components each week.
5. Take notes. Record your training on a daily basis and look over your routine to make sure you are not just focusing on your strengths, but also improving your weakness.
6. Weigh Train to strengthen your muscles. The stronger your quadriceps, the less strain you will place on your knees.
7. Stretch to prevent tears. When an area becomes very tight like the lower back, IT band, or hip flexors, they NEED to loosen. Massage can also be beneficial to loosen tight areas.
8. If an area becomes swollen or sore, RICE, which is the acronym for rest, ice, compression, elevation.
9. Take time off to do other things that you haven’t made time for like dinner with friends, read a good book, or take that online course you’ve been putting off.
10. Consult a chiropractor or orthopedic surgeon. Check out my blog posting “Take Care of You” for more information.

No on wants to be told they will never be able to do something again, so why not be proactive to stay active for life!

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