The Snob Diet

6 Dec

One of the things I wanted to offer you is reviews of the latest fitness clothing, equipment, technologies, supplements, programs, and diets so I have been getting my hands on every new article out there!

The latest diet I was reading about is the Snob Diet, which was just featured in the December issue of Glamour magazine.

This diet is endorsed by a nutritionist and claims that people will lose weight by doing the following:
1. Choosing the highest-quality foods
2. Eating according to their cravings
3. Not eating anything this isn’t downright delicious

Sounds great, right? So does that mean that you can down 3 Snickers bars right now? Not so fast.

When you think of high quality foods, you don’t think of a candy bar. Perhaps you can remember being at an exclusive candy store with very fine chocolates. That chocolate tasted so good and was so rich, that you were full. If you ate this one piece of chocolate instead of a candy bar and a bunch of junk after, you’d be consuming a lot less calories.

The second point the article made was that snobs savor their food. That would be great if everyone practiced mindful eating, but how often are we eating while talking on our cell, working on our computer, or watching television. A snob would eat one or two bon bons and put the rest in the freezer, while most people would be eating them out of the container in front of the television.

The third point claims that snobs don’t deprive themselves, so if they want the bon bons, they eat them. What often happens is that a dieter may really want chocolate, but instead you reaches for one substitute, then another, and another, until he/she finally breaks down and eats the chocolate. Rather than eating all that junk beforehand, it would have made more sense to have eaten the one or two bon bons.

I do like some of the concepts, but overall I do not think the majority of people will stop at just one piece of chocolate. This is why I pack my food in the morning instead of picking up stuff on the road.

I think this diet is basically good for people will a lot of willpower. For the rest of us, here are some good tips:

1. Pack your food and choose foods that you like and crave in small quantities that will keep you satisfied. I usually put feta on my salads because it is flavorfull and keeps me full.
2. Try to eat one meal a day, if not more, without any distractions.
3. If you really want the piece of chocolate, eat a small piece, savor it, and be done with it.

Let me know your thoughts on the Snob Diet.

Song of the day:

Dance, Dance by Fallout Boy

In Health and Happiness,


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