The “IF ONLY” syndrome

28 Nov

Yesterday I ate brunch outside with my friend of mine. As we discussed our weekend, my friend brought up some of her frustrations regarding her fitness goals. She stated that if only she had the financial means to do my Zengo cycle class and work with a trainer that she would lose the 20 pounds she had gained this past year.

Now part of it is my fault. I brought her to my Zengo cycle class which is such a fun and intense class that if you go twice a week, consistently, you will wind up losing 20 pounds. She enjoyed it so much that she began to realize she can achieve the body of her dreams!

My friend already has a gym membership, so an additional 2 classes a week is not in her budget. At that point, I began to propose options that are within her current budget.

There will never be enough time, money, love, space, energy sometimes, but the only way to achieve your goals is to focus on what you DO have. If you spend your life waiting until you have enough, you may never truly realize your potential.

Go ahead and get over what you don’t have and work with what you got! And if I can help, go ahead and email me at

In Health and Happiness,


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