You inspire others

27 Nov

On Thanksgiving morning I taught a Zengo cycle class at Zengo fitness (  I walked into the studio and I looked around to see people of different ages, different body types, and different energy levels.  There was an excitement in the air and I could sense that this group was ready to work.  I started out by thanking them for inspiring others.  Yes, their presence in this class would set an example for who they were.  On Thanksgiving, like any other holiday, most people sleep in, but this group of people were dedicated and their dedication will inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle.

So, how do you inspire others?  Think about your actions and what they inspire others to do.  Leave a mark during your lifetime and positively affect others.  Yes, your actions can impact others so why not leave a positive impact.

When I was younger my Aunt Kelly took me to the gym and it inspired me to become a fitness professional.  I have taken that gift and inspired many others to teach fitness.  Everyone has a talent and they can use it to inspire someone else.  Why not start now?

Check out my Aunt and her library of fitness dvds at

Let me know what you think!


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