Take Care of You

23 Nov

Having been a fitness professional for over 17 years, it often amazes me that so many people are reluctant to see a health professional.  I have worked in so many gyms and been involved in numerous running and cycling organizations.  That being said, you do enough of the same thing and you are prone to injury.  Overuse injuries are very common and what most people do is take some time off from exercise.  Time off can SOMETIMES help but it rarely fixes the issue.  When you hurt one thing, you often overcompensate with the other side of the body, which puts everything out of line, and down the line, it can result in many more issues.

That being said, I am a huge fan of ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUE (ART). To learn more about ART, check out this website,  http://www.activerelease.com/what_patients.asp

There are very few professionals who are trained in ART, but I found one who is and is great.  I run 30-40 miles a week, teach tons of classes, take kickboxing on heavy bags, and rarely sleep enough, so the only thing that keeps me from being injured is God and weekly sessions with Dr. Davidson.  He works on my tissue and spine so my body stays healthy, in line, and I don’t get injured.  I remember last year when I got in a severe car accident 1 week before a marathon.  He worked on me 3 times and I ran that marathon in under 4 hours, so he’s doing something right.   You can check out his website at http://www.back2ultimatehealth.com/

I never want to be injured because it stops me from being who I am and doing what I love, so if something is hurting you, the best thing you can do is take care of YOU!  It sets the example for others and keeps you healthy, happy, feeling and looking good!




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