What is your potential?

21 Nov

Yesterday was the Philadelphia marathon.  The weather was great and I had several friends who were ready to put their training to the test.  One friend had really put in the training and took nearly 6 minutes off her best time to finish the marathon in 3 min and 49 seconds.  I remember when this friend came to me for training.  I was subbing a class at a local gym, and two of the girls in my class stuck out because of their curiousity and their drive.  After class, I remember receiving an email from one of the girls stating that she had taken my class and would like to buy her sister a personal training package with me.  When the girl came to meet with me, I sat down and started asking her more about her goals.  She told me about her fitness background.  She had been a division 1 Volleyball player, goes to the gym regularly, and recently ran a marathon.  When she told me her time of a 4’45, I asked her if she was happy with that.  The reason I asked her was because I knew she could do better.  For me as a coach, it wasn’t about her time, it was about her realizing her potential.

The next marathon I jumped in at the last ten miles and ran by her every mile, and pushed her and pushed her and she finished with a 4’03.  The next marathon she finished in under 4 hours.  The next marathon after that we did together and finished in 3’55.  And yesterday she successfully received her best time of 3’49.  Essentially in the last few years, she improved her time by about an hour.  That is remarkable and a true example of desire, willpower, and dedication.  She put the time on the treadmill and on the track when others were sleeping.  You have to decide for yourself.  Do you want to stay in bed or see what you are capable of?

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