Induction into the Hall of Fame

20 Nov

Last night I attended my Uncle Colin’s induction into the Haddonfield Hall of Fame. My Grandmother, Uncles, Aunts, and cousins were all there to celebrate my Uncle’s accomplishments as an athlete. He was being inducted for his numerous accomplishments in Highschool and College as an undefeated wrestler. Now for many people who don’t know much about wrestling, they often picture it like the pros on television doing body slams. But in the real world, wrestling is really one of the toughest sports. The days of dieting followed by all out effort is a little crazy to tell you the truth. Can you imagine eating ice cubes all week, followed by three days in a sauna, and then getting on a mat having to use all of your strength to pin another guy to a mat. Okay so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but really it is a brutally tough sport. I can remember sitting on my uncle’s feet as he was doing abdominal work. He was always training as a young guy and it was that training that made him the amazing and successful man he is today.

Many people would like to chalk things up to luck. I do believe in luck, but our lives are not shaped by the random chances. What I saw last night was an Uncle who had amazing dedication, with a passion to succeed, and a family, friends, and coaches who supported him throughout the way. All of the athletes who were inducted last night had a passion for their sport and the desire to dedicate the endless hours of training to be their very best. If you dedicated one more hour to your relationship, your job, your training, wouldn’t you see an improvement. Now your probably saying, where will I find that time. Turn off the tv and just do it!

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